Ariel Tub Liquitabs (Pack of 135) 5410076361281

Minimise waste and maximise cleaning intensity with this triple pack of Ariel Liquitabs. These clever little dissolving sachets contain pre-measured portions of liquid detergent, so there is no need to waste time measuring out messy powders. Just drop one into your wash (straight in with the clothes) for laundry that looks and smells as good as new. These tabs work just as well at lower temperatures meaning you can save energy without compromising on cleaning quality.

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Produces spotlessly clean laundry. Pre-measured detergent prevents waste. Goes straight in with your laundry for a deeper clean. Can be used at lower temperatures to help save on energy bills. You can rely on Ariel to get your washing done.

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 145 × 23 cm