Custom Forms Sage Tape Seal Payslip Mailers 100gsm (Pack of 500) SE100

These Custom Forms Sage tape seal payslip mailers are easy to use – simply print off payroll data from Sage on to each payslip, peel off the protective strip, fold in half and seal securely. It creates a self-contained Royal Mail Letter size envelope with a window for the employee’s name and address – just add a stamp and it’s ready to post. Thick 100gsm paper helps keep confidential data protected.

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Laser pay advice mailer suitable for use with Sage software. No need for separate envelopes. Just remove the tape fold over and seal. Can be used with Sage 2005 Laser Security Payslip software option. Simple instructions in every box.

Weight 3.51 kg
Dimensions 118 × 42 cm