Post Office Brown Packing Paper 500mmx60m (Pack of 30) 39116112

Shipping is one of the most important facets of any business, ensuring that all of your products are properly transported. For an easy way to protect your parcels, this high quality packing paper is the perfect product. This paper is designed not to rip when in transit, ensuring that your packages remain resistant to harm and damage without difficulty. The paper also provides your packages with a stylish and appealing finish that looks contemporary while remaining classic.

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Post Office Kraft Brown Paper Roll 500mm x6m 39116112 500mm x 6m roll. Parcel Wrapping Kit contains: 3 sheets of brown paper 750mm x 750mm. 1 roll of self adhesive tape. 2 x address labels. Variety of air mail urgent & 1st Class stickers.

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 105 × 40 cm