Securikey Personal Alarm Black /Silver PAECABlack

For an alarm that is discreet in appearance as well as effective in alerting others, this is the ideal product. With a portable size and 120 decibel alarm system, you can rest assured that if you were faced with a crime, you have an alarm system to alert others to help you and help to deter assailants.
With a protective case that is designed to resist breakages, this product is designed to draw attention to your circumstances and help prevent crime.

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Securikey Elite Cordless Personal Alarm. Activated by pushing the sides to give a 120 decibel siren. Deactivated by pushing the reset button at the base. Features a robust case with spring clip fixing. Dimensions: 75 x 40mm. Weight: 23g.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 53 × 26 cm