Solid Walled Kitchen Caddy 10L Brown 378479

All of the food that you do not eat, or that has gone off, can be reused in order to make nutrient rich compost that is great for your garden. This product gives you the easiest way to separate and store your kitchen waste for perfect compost. With a durable design, you never have to worry about odours or leakages. The plastic design is also very easy to clean, ensuring there are no lingering bacteria. The hinged lid has a central locking mechanism to enable easy transportation when full.

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Segregation of kitchen food waste for composting. Tapered shape for reduced storage space. Resistant to chemical detergents. Hinged lid with a central locking mechanism when the handle is vertical. 10 L. H300 x W238 x D275mm. Non returnable.

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 238 × 300 cm