Tork Hand Lotion Foam Soap 0.8 Litre (Pack of 6) 470022

Provide a luxurious washroom experience for visitors and customers with Tork Hand Lotion Foam Soap. For use with Tork Foam Soap Dispensers, these 0.8 litre cartridges help to ensure your washroom facilities remain clean and hygienic. The nozzle and pump are replaced every time to avois cross-contamination and clogging. The concentrated foam provides long lasting use: with controlled single dose dispensing, you can use one cartridge up to 2,000 times. These items also boast value at 800ml in size.

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Tork Foam Soap Hand Lotion. Soft and gentle with a luxury look and feel. Controlled single dose dispensing avoids wastage. Long lasting. Each 800ml cartridge dispenses up to 2000 doses.

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 178 × 224 cm