Tork Liquid Soap System S1 White 560000

For use with Tork Liquid Soap 1 litre refills, the Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser makes an attractive addition to any washroom and provides dosage control for your hand wash. The high capacity refills will each last for 1,000 shots and provide the correct dosage for adequate hand washing. The system is reliable and drip free, eradicating any unwanted mess. Suitable for consistent use and demanding environments, the refills are easily loaded and designed for long lasting use.

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Long lasting -1000 shots per refill – economical in use. Sealed single use bottle avoids cross contamination or spillage. Easy loading – 5 second refill. Innovative collapsible bottle creates less waste once used.

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 120 × 113 cm