Verbatim Blu-ray BD-R 25 GB 6x Printable Spindle (Pack of 50) 43812

Blu-Ray discs are suitable for HD movies and any other high capacity data storage. Verbatim ensures that its Blu-Rays are of the very best quality, ensuring that both reading and writing data is kept as swift as possible. Supplied in a cakebox, these discs can be stored when not in use in a manner that doesn’t take a lot of room. The surface of these discs can be printed to directly from an inkjet printer, allowing you to personalise your discs for corporate usage.

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Blu-Ray perfect for HD video. Speed: 6x. Surface suitable for inkjet printing. Cakebox for space saving storage. Supplied in a pack of 50. Capacity: 25GB.

Weight 0.92 kg
Dimensions 143 × 97 cm