VFM 600x400x280mm Grey European Stacking Container 307493

With deep vertical sides they provide a storage capacity of up to 54 litres, with handle holds on each side for a firm grip when carried. They can be stacked for even more efficient use of space. With a footprint of 600 x 400mm, you can easily fit two on a standard pallet – even more if stacked. If you are looking for a subtle and yet effective way to keep your office or workplace tidy, these grey items are certainly worth looking into.

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Solid stacking containers for use with the standard 1200x800mm European pallet size. Vertical sides provide maximum usable volume. Withstands high temperature washing. Capacity 54 litres. External W600 x H400 x L280mm. Grey. Non returnable.

Weight 2.51 kg
Dimensions 400 × 280 cm