Wallace Cameron Alcohol-Free Wipes (Pack of 100) 1602014

Supplied in a strong, translucent plastic box, these Wallace Cameron alcohol-free wipes are designed for easy cleaning of cuts, scrapes and grazes. The gentle formula cleanses the wound thoroughly, without the abrasive nature of alcohol for a relatively pain free experience. The pack of 100 wipes is also suitable as a refill for the Mezzo, Premier and Bambino Plaster and Wipe Dispensers that offer ease of access and efficient retrieval.

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Alcohol Free Wipes. Individually wrapped disposable wipes for cleaning in and around cuts scrapes and grazes. Suitable for re-stocking the Mezzo Premier and Bambino Plaster and Wipe Dispenser. Supplied in a strong translucent plastic box.

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 380 × 370 cm