Wallace Cameron Blue Detectable Pilferproof Plasters (Pack of 150) 1206008

These convenient and easy to use plasters from Wallace Cameron are ideally suited for use in the food industry and are fully detectable by metal detectors.
The strong plasters come in a durable, translucent box to prevent theft while providing easy access in the event of an accident.
The pack of 150 plasters is also suitable as a handy refill for the Adulto Premier First Aid kit as well as the Bambino plaster and wipe dispenser.

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Pilfer proof Plasters. Blue detectable plasters supplied in a translucent durable strong box. Suitable to refill the Adulto Premier 10 and 20 First Aid Kits and the Bambino Plaster and Wipe Dispenser. Each box contains 150 plasters.

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 56 × 132 cm