Winter Car Park Kit 385077

Ideal for businesses needing to keep car parks clear from snow and ice, and safe for visitors and employees. This winter car park kit contains everything you might need in order to ensure that staff and visitors are safe around your premises in snow and icy conditions. Including a 200 litre grit bin, snow plough snow pusher that can be used by two people, a 57kg salt spreader with rain cover and hopper and 10 x 25kg bags of de-icing salt, rest assured that bad weather won’t have an impact on even large car parks.

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Winter Car Park Kit. 200L grit bin without hopper. Snow plough with bi-directional plastic blade. Contract salt spreader. 10 x 25kg bag of white de-icing salt. Non returnable.

Weight 288.7 kg
Dimensions 1875 × 850 cm