Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Film Refill 450mmx300m (Pack of 3) 31C81

Designed especially as a refill for the Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser, this cling film roll is easily fitted into the dispenser for neat and tangle-free dispensing. Ideal for use in small business catering or for home use, the cling film is best used to protect food from bacteria when stored and to cover dishes during microwave heating. This roll is 300 metres long and will reduce wastage when used with the dispenser.

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Refill for use with Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser. Easily refilled for reduced down time. Dispenses neatly and tangle-free every time. Ideal for covering and wrapping cold food for protection. 300 metre roll / 45cm in width. Supplied in a pack of 3.

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 90 × 78 cm